Cross-Disciplinary Research: Focus Areas

Cross-Disciplinary Research: Focus Areas

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Defining research Focus Areas

Arts and humanities education in the twenty-first century requires deep investment in core disciplinary competencies as well as an increased emphasis on the transformative potential of cross-disciplinary collaborations. The Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme has identified four cross-disciplinary focus areas for long-term investment. The focus areas provide a conceptual and material infrastructure to strengthen research networks across the university and are guided by three key principles:

  1. Address global challenges through an understanding of the role of the arts and humanities as part of knowledge ecologies implicated in social, technological and environmental systems. 
  2. Add strength on strength by building on faculty leadership and expertise in key spheres. 
  3. Provide a conceptual infrastructure to generate new cross-disciplinary collaborations and discoveries and secure external grants to support related initiatives

Focus Areas

  • Community amplifies the culture of engagement and service that is part of the university's mission by demonstrating the transformative power of critical and creative practices. Participants co-design collaborations with communities — including those local to Columbus — that embrace diverse perspectives including cross-disciplinary methods and practices to advance public-facing, partner-engaged work. 
    Faculty Fellow: Susan Melsop
  • Im/Mobility engages the multifaceted aspects of migration and movement that people experience stemming from social, cultural, political, environmental and economic factors. Initiatives also address past and present experiences of forced removal, (re)settlement and displacement of indigenous peoples.
    Faculty Fellow: Theodora Dragostinova
  • Livability fosters cross-disciplinary collaborations that focus on the potential of the arts and humanities to address challenges presented by the climate crisis, struggles for livable communities, environmental justice, land and food sovereignty, and social rights in health and cultural systems.  
    Contact: Julia N. Hawkins, Project Director for Medical and Health Humanities + Arts
    Contact: Wendy S. Hesford for Livability Focus Area
  • Methods and Practices Amplifier emphasizes exchanges and practices that showcase disciplinary expertise and integration of arts and humanities methods across disciplines. This area engages methodological challenges through collaboration and consideration of the ethical parameters of cross-disciplinary research ad practice.
    Faculty Fellow: Dorothy Noyes (humanities) and Susan Petry (arts)

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