Points of Pride


Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to the mission and core goals of the Global Arts + Humanities. We are committed to fostering a culture of social responsibility that empowers faculty and students to contribute to society as change agents. This includes hiring and retaining faculty from underrepresented groups and supporting research and creative practices, experiential learning and community partnerships that advance social justice and well-being.

$3.8m | Investment in cross-disciplinary research and arts and humanities interventions
Investment in faculty research that demonstrates the value of cross-disciplinary approaches to global concerns and challenges of the current moment.

$800k | Mentoring and cross-disciplinary research support for undergraduate and graduate students
Funds allocated to advance cross-disciplinary student engagement and experiential learning in the arts and humanities.

65% | Grants support women faculty and staff
Two-thirds of our research monies support the research and creative practices of women faculty and staff.

30% | Grants support underrepresented groups
A third of our grant monies support the scholarship and creative practices of faculty and staff from underrepresented or marginalized communities.

45% | Grants invested in community-engaged projects
Nearly half of our grants amplify community projects that embrace diverse perspectives and advance the transformative power of public-facing, partner-engaged work.

65% | Hires were women
Two-thirds of our hires have contributed to the advancement of gender diversity among the ranks of our faculty and leadership.

42% | Hires were from underrepresented groups
Nearly half of our hires have contributed to the equitable representation of underrepresented groups among the ranks of our faulty and leadership.

INNOVATION | First team-based, arts and humanities graduate fellowship program in the United States
The Graduate Team Fellowship program brings together graduate students whose projects intersect with GAHDT Focus Areas – providing them with an opportunity to gain cross-disciplinary mentorship in a collaborative environment.

GOLD | International award recognizing design for social change
GAHDT received a gold award for our visual identity suite and a silver award for our signature brochure.

FINALIST | #MillionsofChangeMakers from Ashoka U
This award recognizes a broad, institutional commitment to building and supporting meaningful community partnerships. GAHDT was awarded for support of Be the Street; Design Matters in Brazil; DaNCe2U; and the Livable Futures Louisiana Field Schools.

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