Announcing the COVID-19 Special Grants Initiative Awardees

June 23, 2020

Announcing the COVID-19 Special Grants Initiative Awardees

Artistic interpretation of COVID-19 molecule with yarn and nails

In light of critical needs presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Arts + Humanities is proud to announce the grant awardees of our COVID-19 Special Grants Initiative.

Grant Awardees


Audiences and Online Reception: Before and After COVID-19
Principal Investigators:
  Harmony Bench (Dance), Yana Hashamova (Slavic), Hannah Kosstrin (Dance), Danielle Schoon (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

COVID Conversations: Life in a Time of Corona (Podcast Series and Archival Project)
Principal Investigator:
 Katherine Borland (Comparative Studies, Center for Folklore Studies),
Collaborators: Cassie Patterson (Center for Folklore Studies), Rachel Hopkin (Independent radio producer and folklorist), Paul Kotheimer (ASC Tech), Amy Shuman (English), David Staley (Humanities Institute, Center for the Humanities in Practice), Nick Spitulski (Humanities Institute), Luke Dennis (WYSO: the NPR affiliate station for the Greater Dayton area), Cristina Benedetti (Independent Folklorist, Ohio Arts Council), Patricia Williamsen (Ohio Humanities), David Merkowitz (Ohio Humanities), Robert Colby (Ohio Humanities)

Dance in the Time of COVID-19
Principal Investigators:
Nadine George Graves (Dance), Nya McCarthy Brown (Dance)   
Collaborators: Lane Czaplinski (Wexner Center for the Arts)
External Collaborators: Gerard Samuel (University of Cape Town)

Designing a Post-Pandemic Return to Campus: A Participatory Workshop and Design Sprint to Explore Design Interventions from the Student Perspective
Principal Investigators:
Rebekah Matheny (Design), Stephanie Orr (Office of Distance Education and eLearning)

Designing for Public Health: Humanities and Arts Leading Transformation During COVID-19
Principal Investigators:
Sébastien Proulx (Design, DESIS Lab), Susan Melsop (Design, DESIS Lab), Rebekah Matheny (Design), Will Nickley (Design), Hazal Gumus-Ciftci (Design), Adam Fromme (College of Nursing)
External Collaborators: Alessandra Bazzano (Tulane University), Laura Murphy (Tulane University)

Documenting of Latinas/os/x in Ohio Stories During COVID-19 Through Performed Storytelling
Principal Investigators:
PI: Glenn Martinez (Spanish and Portuguese), Elena Foulis (Spanish and Portuguese, Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Ethnic Studies, Center for Folklore Studies), Palo Pinillos Chávez (Spanish and Portuguese), Elizabeth Fitzgerald (College of Nursing, Michael V. Institute for Teaching and Learning, Center for Ethics and Human Values, Center for Latin American Studies), Tatiana Friedman (Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures), Micah Unzueta (undergraduate student)

Investigating Human Dignity in Practice During the COVID-19 Crisis
Principal Investigators:
Christa Teston (English), Melissa Guadrón (graduate student in English, Graduate Association of Mental Health Action and Advocacy)
Collaborators: Ohio State College of Medicine/ Medical Humanities Program

The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans: Cultural Preservation Amid COVID-19
Principal Investigators:
Virginia Cope (English-Newark), Tiyi Morris (African and African American Studies)

Measuring Artists’ Challenges and Resilience After COVID-19
Principal Investigators:
Rachel Skaggs (Arts Administration, Education and Policy), Elizabeth Cooksey (Sociology, CHRR, Institute for Population Research)

Muted, Isolated and Displaced by Social Distancing: Reinventing Collaboration in Performance Ensembles
Principal Investigators:
Eugenia Costa-Giomi (Music); Nadine George Graves (Dance)
Composers: Jan Radzynski, Thomas Wells
Music Ensemble Conductors: Marc Ainger, Sonic Ensemble; Russel Mikkelson, Wind Symphony; Jordan Saul, Women’s Glee Choir; Robert Ward, Men’s Glee Choir; Michelle Wibbelsman (Spanish and Portuguese); Andean Ensemble
Dance Composers and Studio Instructors: Eddie Taketa, Contemporary Movement Practices and Composition; Crystal Michelle Perkins, Africanist Foundations; Daniel Roberts, Contemporary Movement Practice and Composition; Susan Van Pelt Petry, composition and improvisation; Mitchell Rose, Dance Film; Norah Zuniga-Shaw, ACCAD
Ohio State Virtual Gallery: Michael Mercil (Art)

Ohio State Pandemic Collaborative: Arts, Humanities and Health Sciences Interventions in Global Health Crises, Past, Present and Future
Principal Investigators:
Diane Brogan-Habash (College of Medicine, Center for Integrative Medicine), Julia Nelson Hawkins (Classics), Tracie McCambridge (College of Medicine), Jennifer Olejownik (College of Medicine, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services), Elizabeth Weinstock (EquitasHealth, Columbus Veteran’s Administration, Franklin Correctional Center)

Pandemic Pedagogies: Precursors, Paradigms and Portents
Principal Investigators:
Thomas McDow (History), Co-PI and Project Coordinator: Jim Harris (History)
Collaborators: Dana Howard (Center of Bioethics (COM), Philosophy), Jesse Kwiek (Microbiology), Susan Van Pelt Petry (Dance)

Poetry and COVID-19: A Collaboration Between Creative Writers and Environmental Scientists
Principal Investigator:
Zoe Brigley Thompson (English)
Collaborators: Kerry Ard (School of Environment and Natural Resources)
External Collaborators:  Ruth Awad (Columbus Poet) and others forthcoming

Political Discourses During COVID-19 and the Impact on International Education: Linguistic, Sociolinguistic and Sociocultural Approaches
Principal Investigators:
 PI: Zhiguo Xie (East Asian Languages and Literature), Co-PI: Cindy Xinquan Jiang (Office of International Affairs)

The Quarantine Cookbook: Documenting Migrant Food Networks Under COVID-19
Principal Investigators:
Philip Gleissner (Slavic), Harry Kashdan (French and Italian)

The Recovery Project: Actions of Survival, Archives of Resilience
Principal Investigators:
 Amrita Dhar (English, Newark Campus), Sona Kazemi-Hill (GAHDT Postdoctoral Researcher, Disability Studies), Margaret Price (English)
Collaborators: Amy Shuman (OSU, English), Teri Murphy (Mershon Center), Lucille Toth (OSU, French and Dance), Dr. Hemachandran Karah (IIT-Madras, Social Sciences and Humanities)

Talking in the Clinic: Barriers and Facilitators of Chronic Disease Adherence among Patients at High Risk for COVID-19 Complications
Principal Investigators: 
Seuli Bose Brill (General Internal Medicine), Gabriella Modan (English/Linguistics), Nathan Richards (graduate student, English)

Virtual Field Lab
Principal Investigators: 
Maria Palazzi (Design, ACCAD), Lauren McInroy (Social Work)
Collaborators: Katie Klakos (CSW), Alex Oliszewski (Theatre, ACCAD), Vita Berezina‐Blackburn (ACCAD), Jeremy Patterson (ACCAD)

What does Religion Sound Like in the Age of COVID-19?
Principal Investigators:
 Isaac Weiner (Comparative Studies), Lauren Pond (Center for the Study of Religion)
Collaborators: Alison Furlong (Center for the Study of Religion, ASC Tech), Katherine Borland (Comparative Studies, Center for Folklore Studies), Cassie Patterson (Center for Folklore Studies), Merijn van der Heijden (Urban Arts Space), Jeremy Stone (Urban Arts Space)