Announcing the 2020-21 Centers + Institutes Grants Recipients

December 22, 2020

Announcing the 2020-21 Centers + Institutes Grants Recipients

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The Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2020-2021 Centers + Institutes Grants competition.

This funding enhances the university’s capacity for cross-disciplinary research, creative expression, teaching and outreach by newly building on centers’ and institutes’ existing strengths to foreground the transformative role of the arts and humanities in the twenty-first century.

2020-2021 Award Recipients

(To learn more about these projects, visit our Center and Institutes research page)


Center Grants ($5,000-$50,000)

  • Advancing IR on-Demand
    Collaborators: Kay Halasek (English) Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo (Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning), David Sovic (Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning), Joy Balta (College of Medicine)
  • Building Capacity for the Internship Program at the Wexner Center for the Arts
    Collaborators: Johanna Burton (Wexner Center for the Arts), Dionne Custer Edwards (Wexner Center for the Arts), Karen Simonian (Wexner Center for the Arts), Alana Ryder (Wexner Center for the Arts)
  • Hiphop Studies in Queer Black Feminism Conference
    Collaborators: Larry Williamson Jr. (Hale Black Cultural Center), Elaine Richardson (Teaching and Learning)
  • Revisioning Folklore Studies in the Academy and the Public Square
    Collaborators: Katherine Borland (Center for Folklore Studies), American Folklore Society

Collaborative Center Grants ($50,000-$150,000)

  • Archiving Black Performance: Memory, Embodiment and Stages of Being
    Adélékè Adéèḳo (AAAS), Nadine George Graves (Dance), Valarie Williams (Dance), Larry Williamson Jr. (Hale Black Cultural Center), Crystal Perkins (Dance)
  • Building Anti-Racist Ohio
    Namiko Kunimoto (Center of Ethnic Studies), Jian Neo Chen (Asian American Studies), Christine Ballengee Morris (American Indian Studies), Inés Valdez (Latino/a Studies)
  • Environmental and Social Justice Arts and Humanities
    Beverly Vandiver (Kirwin Institute), Elena Irwin (Sustainability Institute), Casey Hoy (InFACT), Piers Norris Turner (Center for Ethics and Human Values), John Brooke (Center for Historical Research), Rick Livingston (Humanities Institute)
  • K’acha Willaykuna
    Scott Schwenter (Center for Latin American Studies), Maria Palazzi (AACAD)
  • Toward a Digital Humanities Support Network
    Maria Palazzi (ACCAD), David Staley (Humanities Institute), Leigh Bonds (Digital Humanities Librarian), Matt Lewis (Design/ACCAD/TDAI)
  • Toward Truth and Reconciliation: Present-Day Indigenous Peoples in Ohio
    John N. Low (Newark Earthworks Center), Marti Chaatsmith (Newark Earthworks Center), Stephen Gavazzi (Human Sciences), Casey Hoy (InFACT), Brian Snyder (InFACT), Rick Livingston (Humanities Institute)

Summer Institute Grants ($5,000-$15,000)

  • GAHDT Fellows at the DMAC Institute
    Scott Lloyd DeWitt (English), John Jones (English), Liz Miller (PhD Candidate in English) 
  • Global and Popular Music Summer Youth Camp
    Richard Palese (Music), Eugenia Costa-Giomi (Music) 
  • Ohio State to Community Dance-Intensive Pipeline
    Nyama McCarthy-Brown (Dance)