2019-2020 Large Grant Competition Awardees

December 20, 2019

2019-2020 Large Grant Competition Awardees

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The Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme would like to congratulate our 2019-2020 large grants competition awardees!

Our next grant cycle is in spring 2020. Check our Opportunities page for more details.


Asian Futures: A Collaborative Proposal
Grant Type: Centers Collaborative Grant
Principal Collaborators: The Humanities Institute (Dir. David Staley), Center for the Study of Religion (Dir. Hugh Urban), Center for Folklore Studies (Dir. Katherine Borland), Center for Ethnic Studies (Dir. Namiko Kunimoto) and the South Asian Studies Initiative, in partnership with East Asian Studies Center (Dir. Etsuyo Yuasa), Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (Dir. Harvey Miller), Office of International Affairs
Living Well, Dying Well: Religion, Health, and Healing
Grant Type: Centers Collaborative Grant
Principal Collaborators: Center for the Study of Religion (Dir. Hugh Urban), Center for Folklore Studies (Dir. Katherine Borland), Humanities Institute (Dir. David Staley)

Experimental Archaeology and the Medieval-Renaissance Worlds
Grant Type: Centers Grant
Principal Collaborators: Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Dir. Chris Highley)
Intercultural Competence for Global Citizenship
Grant Type:Centers Grant
Principal Collaborators: Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Dir. Glenn Martinez); Department of French and Italian

Supporting Gender, Race and Ethnicity Studies at OSU and Beyond
Grant Type: Centers Grant
Principal Collaborators: Center for Ethnic Studies (Dir. Namiko Kunimoto)
Climate Change Exhibition and Related Events
Grant Type: Centers Grant
Principal Collaborators: Wexner Center for the Arts (Dir. Johanna Burton)

Voices of Franklinton
Grant Type: Summer Institute
Principal Investigators: Susan Melsop (Design), Sébastien Proulx (Design), Karen Hutzel (Arts Administration, Education and Policy)

(up to $100,000)

Be the Street: Exiting Community Engagements Responsibly and Ethically
Principal Investigators: Katherine Borland (Comparative Studies), Moriah Flagler (Theatre)
Drug Prevention at High Schools in the Epicenter of the Opiate Epidemic
Principal Investigators: Linda Mizejewski (Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies), Alina Sharafutdinova (Department of Public Safety; Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services)

The Exhibition and Education Lab at the Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art
Principal Investigator (s): Kris Paulsen (History of Art)
Additional Collaborators:Tyler Cann (Columbus Museum of Art), Lisa Florman (History of Art), Cindy Foley (Columbus Museum of Art), Karen Hutzel (Arts Administration, Education and Policy), Dana Carlisle Kletchka (Arts Education, Administration and Policy), Daniel Marcus (Columbus Museum of Art; History of Art)
¡Aquí se habla español! Public Outreach at COSI in Spanish
Principal Investigators: Anna Babel (Spanish and Portuguese), Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (Linguistics), Leslie C. Moore (University Institute for Teaching and Learning), Laura Wagner (Psychology) 


A Collaborative Gaming Platform for Disabled Children and Their Families
Principal Investigators: Scott Swearingen (Design), Kyoung Swearingen (Design), Susan Thrane (Nursing), Asimina Kiourti (College of Engineering)
Bringing the Border to Columbus
Principal Investigators: Víctor Espinosa (Sociology-Newark), Danielle Schoon (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
Khasi Interfaces: Objects, Orality, Poetry, Place, and Things
Principal Investigators:Mark Bender (East Asian Languages and Literatures), John N. Low (Comparative Studies)

How the Arts and Humanities Can Benefit Our Wellbeing
Principal Investigators:Yvette Shen (Design), Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders (Design), Paul Reitter (Germanic Languages and Literatures)
The Global Mediterranean
Principal Collaborators:Barry Shank (Comparative Studies), Dana Renga (French and Italian), Bob Holub (Germanic Language and Literatures; Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
The Uses of Narrative Theory: Perspectives from the Project Narrative Summer Institute
Principal Investigators:James Phelan (English), Frederick Luis Aldama (English; Spanish and Portuguese), Katra Byram (Germanic Languages and Literatures)


Transformative Access Project: Moving from Inclusion to Equity
Principal Investigators:Margaret Price (English), Nicholas Flores (Comparative Studies), Evelyn M. Hoglund (Speech and Hearing Science), Maurice Stevens (Comparative Studies)
The Ohio State University Prison Education Exchange Project
Principal Investigators:Mary Thomas (Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies), Tiyi Morris (African and African American Studies-Newark), Angela Bryant (Sociology-Newark)