Center for Folklore Studies Archive

The Center for Folklore Studies Archive, directed by Cassie Patterson (staff, assistant director of the Center for Folklore Studies) has roots in both the Department of English and in the Center for Folklore Studies. Established in 1960, it now houses more than 10,000 cataloged student and faculty projects that span over four decades of research at Ohio State and includes a wide variety of audio and visual materials, such as audiotapes, videotapes and more than 5,000 slides and photos. Key elements of the collection include Ohio folksong and music, local and Midwest folk narratives, oral history, folk customs, beliefs and practices, and documentation of material culture. It is regularly used both as a teaching and research tool.

  • Public Folklorist: in 2018-2019, Christina Benedetti will serve as the public folklorist and instructional specialist for the Ohio Field Schools course and the Ohio Center’s ‘Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio’ traveling exhibit.

Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives

The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives is co-sponsored by The Ohio State University and Georgia State University. It is a publicly available archive of personal literacy narratives in a variety of formats...that together provide a historical record of the literacy practices and values of contributors. Ben McCorkle (Ohio State Department of English, Marion campus) is the co-director. DALN’s blog also provides resources and guidance on how to collect, submit and make use of literacy narratives.

Asian Americans in the Heartland: A Community Oral History and Mapping Project

Asian Americans in the Heartland: A Community Oral History and Mapping Project is led by Namiko Kunimoto (History of Art) and a partnership of Asian American Studies and DAL. This project aims to focus on the life and literacy experiences of community leaders and advocates and to create a web-based map that makes visible the significant community institutions as well as residential and business centers of Asians in Central Ohio.

Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus

Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus is an ongoing effort designed to collect, preserve, and share the rich history of individual Black citizens' literacy practices and values in their homes, families, churches and community centers within Columbus, Ohio. It is rooted in the work of Cynthia Selfe (Department of English), H. Lewis Ulman (emeritus, Department of English), Carla T. Wilks (senior program coordinator for outreach and education at the Department of African American and African Studies Community Extension Center) and Allen Coleman (ASC Technology Services), and it is currently led by Beverly Moss (Department of English).