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Postdoctoral Researchers

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Photograph of Fede Cámara Halac

Fede Cámara Halac
School of Music + ACCAD

Cámara Halac’s work focuses on live multimedia performance, instrumental and computer music, and immersive music for massively-multichannel systems. He designs and theorizes audio and image database systems that explore the relationships between sound, image, space and performance.


Photograph of Moriah Flagler

Moriah Flagler
Departments of Theatre + Comparative Studies

Flagler is a teacher, theatre maker and scholar. Her research focuses on community-based devising, applied improvisation and digital storytelling. She is the artistic director of Be the Street — a community partnership in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus.



Photograph of Eric Herschthal

Eric Herschthal
Department of African and African American Studies

Herschthal’s research interests include the history of slavery and abolition; African American history from the colonial era through Reconstruction; early American history; and the history of science, medicine and technology.



Photograph of Harry Kashdan

Harry Kashdan
Department of French and Italian

Kashdan’s research focuses on the food cultures of the contemporary Mediterranean and how experiences of migration and diaspora are expressed in Italian, Arabic and Sephardi Jewish literature. His current projects examine the literary qualities of Mediterranean cookbooks.



Photograph of Sona Kazemi Hill

Sona Hill Kazemi
Department of English

Hill Kazemi is a multi-lingual postdoctoral researcher of migration studies, disability studies and medical humanities. Her research program is located in contradictions among transnational disability rights frameworks in the context of global and regional imperialism(s).



Photograph of Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth

Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth
Center for Folklore Studies

Waugh-Quasebarth teaches the Ohio Field School course and coordinates the Sharing Visions Project. His recent research interests have involved craft economies and production in global mountain forests, with a focus on Carpathia and Appalachia and collaborative methods.



Photograph of Danielle Schoon

Danielle Schoon
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Schoon is a cultural anthropologist with interests in migration, performance studies and the politics of identity. Her current research focuses on the ‘politics of presence’ for Roma (“Gypsies”) in Turkey and Turkish migrants in Europe and the United States.




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