Migration, Mobility, and Immobility

Migration, Mobility, and Immobility


About Migration, Mobility, and Immobility

 Migration, Mobility, and Immobility (MMI) is a two-year project of the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme, which seeks to foster collaborative research and creative work on the intersection of these three concepts. Building on the work of the Global Mobility Project (2016-2018), MMI expands its scope of inquiry from the exploration of transnational and local migrations to the spatial and social isolation of communities and individuals due poverty, social discrimination, closed borders, incarceration, disability, or statelessness, among others.While focused on humanistic and artistic expression, it invites conversations with the entire campus community and brings together faculty, students, and community partners in productive collaborative explorations. 

Some of its initiatives include a scholar-/artist-/activist-in-residence program, teaching collaborations, community engagement projects, the organization of talks, film screenings, performances, and exhibitions, and a grants program for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students.

The MMI leadership team includes Theodora Dragostinova (History; GAHDT Faculty Fellow); Danielle Fosler-Lussier (School of Music); Yana Hashamova (Slavic)l; Robin Judd (History); Paloma Martinez-Cruz (Spanish & Portuguese): and Ryan Skinner (School of Music & AAAS).