K’acha Willaykuna

K’acha Willaykuna


In Quechua, art is defined as k’acha willaykuna, “messages with beauty,” which embody meaningfully-made and knowledgeably-made things

Quechuapiqa, runap ruwayninqa k’acha willayjinata riqsinchik, “kusiy willaykuna kanku”, ayllu runap ruwayninqa tukuy sunquwan wakichisqa kachkan



Project Vision and Philosophy

K’acha Willaykuna is an interdisciplinary Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Arts and Humanities Collaboration that affirms Ohio State’s commitment to the study of and critical engagement with Indigenous cultures of Abya Yala (the Indigenous denominator for the American continent in its entirety). This initiative is funded through the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme.

K’acha Willaykuna centers around a fundamental appreciation of material cultural production, oral traditions and performance practices as key sites of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous knowledge, memory and meaning making.

The project is guided by principles of ethical intellectual and creative intercultural exchange, knowledge equity and attention to issues of cultural and ethnic representation, participation and involvement.

K’acha Willaykuna addresses five key areas to enrich and amplify the impact of initiatives at Ohio State, while contributing to new institutional pathways of mobility for inclusion of Indigenous partners. The key areas aim to foster cultural humility among our campus community:

  • Indigenous artist and artisan short-term residencies and consultancies
  • Teaching collaborations and teaching clusters, curriculum development, student engagement
  • Indigenous arts and humanities legacy preservation, knowledge equity and digital humanities
  • Graduate and undergraduate research and student engagement
  • Outreach and public engagement

Llamk’ay thatkiynin munaynin ima

K’acha willaykunaqa Andesmantawan Amazoniamantawan ayllu runap ruwayninta yanapan, chay ruwaywanqa Ohio State jatun yachaywasip yanapay munayninta rikuchin, Ohio Stateqa Abya Yalamanta juch’uychasqa ruwaykunata kawsaykunata ima sinchiyachichkan. Kay jatun llamk’ayqa  Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme yanapayninwanpuni purichikuchkan.

K’acha willaykunaqa sunqun ukhumantapacha ayllu runap ruwayninta kawsayninta ima ukhuncharin, allinmanta Andesmantawan Amazoniamantawan runap parlaynintapis kawsaynintapis riqsichiyta munan, chaywan sunqu junt’ata ñawpaq ruwaykunata yuyarikunanchikpaq.

Kay llamk’ayqa runap yachayninwan, tukuy laya runap kawsayninwan, runap ruwayninwan ima kallpachasqa kachkan. Chaywanqa imaynataq rikuchikun, riqsichikun qayllachikun ima waturikunchik.

K’acha willaykunaqa, Ohio State phichqa yuyaynintapis purichin. Jinallataq mana wak ruwaykunamanta karunchakuntaqchu, pisimanta pisi wak allqu runawan khuskachakuchkallantaq. Kay yuyaywanqa ayllupuramanta llamk’ayninkuta jap’illantaq purichillantaq:

  • Pisi p’unchawkunallapaq ayllumanta yachaq runata mink’arinchik.
  • Yanapakuspaqa, yachachiy llamk’ayta purichinku, yachaqana musuq ñankunata kicharichkan jinallataq yachakuq khuskachakunankutapis mask’allantaq.
  • Ayllu runap ruwayninta jark’an jinallataq musuq riqsichiy ñankunaman apallantaq.
  • Sullk’a yachakuqkunawanpis kuraq yachakuqkunawanpis  mask’akipayta ruwanankunanpaq mink’arillantaq.
  • Imatapis ruwaspa, pitaqpis waqyaspaqa ayllupijina  tukuy runapaq jatun riqsichiyta wakichin, mana wakinllapaqchu kachkan.

Get Involved | Yanaparikuy

Follow our events, participate in one of our working groups, join us for Our Unlearning Hour every Friday from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the Wexner Heirloom Cafe, get involved in graduate/undergraduate K’acha Willaykuna project research and/or propose one of your classes for a teaching cluster.

We welcome your involvement in the K'acha Willaykuna community. Click here to subscribe to the K'acha Willaykuna listserv or email Michelle Wibbelsman (wibbelsman.1@osu.edu) with questions.